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Adapted Chair Yoga

The following video is a very gentle, beginner, adapted chair yoga class. After watching it, please fill out a survey by clicking the “Complete Survey” button below. This will help us garner additional funding for projects like this in the future.

PLEASE READ THIS DISCLAIMER. By clicking on the video start button, I certify that I have read and understand the following:
Yoga includes physical movements as well as an opportunity for relaxation, stress reduction, and relief of muscular tension. This is a low-intensity exercise. Although normal responses to exertion may be expected, if I experience any unusual pain, discomfort, faintness, dizziness, or shortness of breath while engaging with the video I should cease and consult with my health care provider.

This video was made possible by a grant from the University of Kentucky Human Development Institute’s Wellness Edge Project

The project described is supported by Grant Number 90PRRC0001-01-00 from the Administration for Community Living, Department of Health and Human Services. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the Wellness Edge staff and do not necessarily represent the official views of the Administration for Community Living Or HHS