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Donate for a New NUSTEP

Gathering Strength is in the process of purchasing the Nustep and will soon report about its placement in the gym.

We welcome you to continue making donations to support this and other efforts by Gathering Strength to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Online Fundraiser

For Frazier Rehab’s Community Fitness and Wellness Gym. 

Gathering Strength is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation and a long-time supporter of Frazier Rehab’s Community Fitness and Wellness (CFW) gym because it is the only totally accessible gym in Louisville, Ky with a wide variety of wheelchair-accessible equipment.

See Gathering Strength’s proof of tax-exempt status at the bottom of this page, or consult GuideStar, which lists every nonprofit registered with the IRS. Gathering Strength has received the Gold Seal of Transparency.

An exercise machine with a black frame and black seat that has arm handles and foot pedals for recumbent cardiovascular exercise.

Online Fundraiser

Frazier Rehab’s Community Fitness and Wellness Gym needs a new Nustep.

  • Adults with disabilities are three times more likely than their able-bodied peers to have cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes.
  • Exercise is proven to reduce the risks of these conditions.
  • The NuStep is a specialized, accessible recumbent
    stepper for cardiovascular exercise utilizing the legs and
    arms separately or together.
  • Accessories like leg stabilizers and gripping aids allow
    people with paralysis to effectively use the Nustep.
  • The CFW’s Nusteps are 15 years old and in disrepair.
  • Chris, Jerry, Patricia (pictured above), and so many other CFW gym members with disabilities like stroke and SCI rely on the
    Nustep to exercise and improve their health.

2721 Shippen Ave,
Louisville, KY 40206.

We are very grateful for your support.