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Herb, T-6 Spinal Cord Injury

Man riding a hand cycle down the road

Herb Henry is a local entrepreneur in Louisville, Ky, and an advocate for people with disabling conditions. He engages in a variety of exercise and recreational activities, and helps other people who use wheelchairs to be active too…. Read More

Jenny, C6-7 spinal cord injury

Woman with spinal cord injury doing adapted rowing on a river

Jenny is a 30-year survivor of a C6-7 spinal cord injury. One of the many ways she stays physically active is by rowing with the adapted rowing team of the Louisville Rowing Club in Louisville, Ky. In the… Read More

Terrell, T10 spinal cord injury

Man with paraplegia lying on a mat using weights to exercise

Terrell suffered a thoracic spinal cord injury, leaving him paraplegic. He uses a wheelchair, but is able to get out of the chair to exercise at the Community Fitness and Wellness gym at Frazier Rehab Institute. There are… Read More