Our Mission

The mission of Gathering Strength, Inc. is to:

Empower people with physically disabling conditions to maintain and improve their health and wellness by ensuring access to therapeutic physical activity.

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Why it Matters

  • People with disabilities are the largest minority group in the U.S., making up 27.2% of the population of the United States (according to Census Bureau 2014 report on prevalence using Social Security data). People with “severe disability” make up 17.6%, and people with upper and lower extremity “functional limitations” make up 15.4%, of the population.
  • Every single person is capable of joining the minority group of people with disabilities. Each of us is only one car accident, one slip and fall, one faulty blood vessel, one dire diagnosis away from a chronic disabling condition.
  • People with disabling conditions, such as spinal cord injuries and strokes, are more susceptible to chronic secondary health conditions than the general population–including cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, the risks of which can be improved with physical activity and exercise.

Get Inspired

Gathering Strength Inc., helps people with disabling conditions, such as spinal cord injury and stroke, to engage in therapeutic physical activity.  Gathering Strength collaborates with Frazier Rehab Institute’s Community Fitness and Wellness program in Louisville, Ky to provide a wide variety of accessible exercise opportunitites.

Click on a picture, or visit the “Get Inspired” page, to read more and see videos of people engaging in therapeutic exercise.

Helpful Information

Resources below include some helpful advice, interesting research, and practical guidelines on how to maintain and improve fitness and wellness while living with a disabling condition, such as spinal cord injury or stroke. (We do not specifically endorse or affirm any third-party’s information; please use your own, best judgment in evaluating it.)

Therapeutic Exercise Facilities:

Nutrition, Stress Reduction, Etc.

Peer Support:

Caregiver support:

Exercise guidelines:

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